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in Lessay

Don't wait any longer and discover all the charm of Normandy! Take advantage of your stay at the Brit Hotel La Côte des Havres in Lessay to discover the unmissable tourist attractions in Normandy.

The Benedictine monks, first occupants of this historical heritage, founded in the 11th century the Great Trade Fair of Sainte-Croix, almost a thousand years ago.

The aerodrome was named in 1980 ‘Charles Lindbergh Aerodrome’, after the famous pilot who was the first to fly over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. He landed in Lessay a few days after his feat before heading to the Port of Cherbourg by road, where he was to set off on the Memphis liner which took him to the United States. The development of this aeronautical base has brought a motor sport area, where you can enjoy go-karting, truck rallies, Rallycross... For leisure and sport.

Lessay also enjoys a unique landscape whose ecological richness has earned it a place in the European network ‘Natura 2000’, with the ‘Moors of Lessay’ which surround the town and the ‘Haven of Lessay’ a few cable lengths from the sea.

The Tourbiere de Mathon, listed as a National Nature Reserve, also constitutes a heritage focused on the preservation of nature.

The economic activity zone, 30 hectares in size, hosts a diverse number of businesses; the food-processing industry is a leading domain, with ‘Florette’ salads, ‘Créaline’ purées, REO camembert and the ‘Jambons de Lessay’.

You can also taste numerous local products and all the sea produce from the West Coast of Cotentin.

The Museum of the Beaux-Arts:

Situated in the cultural centre, its contemporary architecture showcases its rich collections, and you can observe and admire the paintings and drawings of great painters, Corot, Millet, Boudin... As well as the display of pre-war Saint-Lô and the reconstruction of the town.

Norman Hedged Farmland Museum:

A large farm from the 17th century, situated in a protected environment, it tells the story of farmland agriculture, with the evolution of farming methods, breeding horses and cattle farming..., you can visit the museum with its effective technology: interactive terminals, screens, lights and soundscapes...

The Cathédrale de Coutances

The Cathédrale de Coutances is, with Mont-Saint-Michel, the most fabulous show of Gothic art in Normandy. Built in the first decades of the 13th century, the current building reuses important parts of the Roman cathedral of the 11th century. More than just a visit: one of the most beautiful Gothic monuments in Normandy opens its most secret doors to you. Accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the building, you can observe from on high what you would never see from the bottom: the interior of the Roman towers, the attics, the stained-glass windows, the nave’s high galleries, not forgetting the dizzying lantern tower.

The Abbey of Hambye

At the heart of the Sienne valley, between Coutances and Villedieu-Les-Poêles, the Abbey of Hambye, listed as a Historical Monument, is counted among the most complete medieval monasteries in Basse-Normandie. Erected during the 12th and 13th centuries, it housed Benedictine monks until the end of the 18th century, before being partially destroyed after the Revolution. The conserved monastic buildings were restored around fifty years ago and still hold the scriptorium, the parlour, the sacristy, and a chapter house from the 13th century. The monastery also possesses a gatehouse, a kitchen and farm buildings. The beauty of the listed natural site and the spectacular ruins of the abbatial church can also be discovered from the hiking paths around the abbey.

Head on board the Flipper II:

Carentan Escape on the Flipper II from the Port of Carentan to discover the Bay of Les Veys, the Saint-Marcouf Islands, and Utah Beach. You can also practise fishing on board this fisherman’s boat. The Flipper II, a superb white and blue boat moored at the Port of Carentan, offers you the chance to discover the Bay of Les Veys, and its wild channel which links Carentan to the sea, with various sea trips. Seals and sealions living peacefully in the bay, among the migrating birds which populate the marine part of the marsh.

Once you have left the channel, you can discover the Saint-Marcouf Islands, a small archipelago made up of two small islands around seven kilometres away:
The Island of Terre and the Island of Large, a sanctuary for marine birds. Access to these islands is prohibited. From there, you will have a magnificent view over the whole east coast of Cotentin and the legendary beach facing the English Channel:Utah Beach, where in 1944 23,250 men, 1,700 combat vehicles and 1,695 tonnes of provisions landed, to liberate Normandy and France. For the more sporting amongst you, its captain can help you to discover the pleasures of fishing at sea.

Théatre de la Haute Ville:

The building, constructed in 1821 on the foundations of the Hotel of the Admiralty, was first a commercial court. The court left the Rue Notre-Dame and left the space, in 1994, to a theatre company: the ‘Théâtre de la Presqu’île’ (giving its name to the building). In 2002, the building was totally transformed, giving the space its vocation to put on performances. A new theatre was born in Granville. The small 63-seat theatre established itself little by little as a fully-fledged performance venue on the Granville scene. In 2009, the Théâtre de la Presqu’île company left the premises. The Archipel company was entrusted with the management of the theatre’s artistic projects, from then on called the Théatre de la Haute Ville.

Today, the small theatre in the Haute-Ville offers a space for expression, creation and performance, occupying its rightful place in the area.

The Archipel, as part of its cultural season, puts on diverse small shows (theatre, singing, concerts...) prioritising proximity, comfort and sound. Amateur performances play a large part in the activity of the Théatre de la Haute Ville. People of all ages can discover a theatrical experience there throughout the year.